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The time has for the BOSMC to take a breather. We are going on hiatus for an indeterminate length of time due to personal reasons but are gonna make sure we go out with a bang. SHITFEST is what we have organised as a way of saying “seeyah later, thanks for the drinks and good times.” We’ve organised some of our favourite bands to play a special gig on Australia Day at our home away from home, The Tote.

Playing on the day will be The Gooch Palms, Cut Sick!, Batpiss, Hierophants, Gentlemen, A.D. Skinner and The Pink Tiles. We’ll also be joined by DJ Homeless (Richie Ramone) and DJ Lex Dev (Dave Lang) who will be spinning obnoxious tunes from their bottomless pits of record collections. There will be free food, crate diggers stalls and plenty of merch to buy. I am also putting together a special compilation cassette for sale on the day featuring exclusive tracks from all the bands that appear on the bill. It’s gonna be a cracker!

So, if you don’t manage to make it down to the Tote on this special day, I’ll take this opportunity to say “Cheers!”. It’s been a fun time. We’ve met heaps of awesome people, played with some amazing bands and achieved a great deal more than I ever thought we would when we decided to call the band Bits of Shit all those years ago. Thanks to everyone that has helped us out over the years – I’m not going to name names for fear of leaving someone out – and stay true to yourselves.

This is not necessarily a good-bye but a see you later. Much later.

The Prez


Casbah brickThe French pressings of Cut Sleeves have arrived! This means that all you Eurotrash members of the BOSMC can pick up our longplayer for a reasonable price, and that’s gotta be good for everyone, oui! The record has been put out by Casbah Records in conjunction with Dangerhouse Skylab. It looks and sounds magnifique!

There are a few minor changes to the artwork but the recordings are the same as on the Homeless release. We changed the stickers in the middle of the record. The lyrics are now printed on the vinyl pocket instead of a separate sheet and, of course, the band name and album title are written in French down the spine as well as in Australian. It also comes with a download, but not one of those pesky cards. Casbah has opted for a sticker on the shrinkwrap with the code on it which we like.

If you Aussies want one we have a limited number we will be selling at gigs. If you contact us we could probably organise postage as well…for our rural members. Prices will be the same as the local release.

Viva la difference!

Viva la punk rock!

Viva la Morceaux de Merde!


Some new records have landed and we’ve been having a good time flogging them off. The Total punk seven sounds sick. Came out real well. Short blasts that I hope y’all will appreciate. You should be able to get it through Floridas Dying – there’s a link on our links page. We can’t sell you any as we have pretty much sold them all at gigs.

The Matador seven is with us now too and if you want a copy of that you can contact me through the blog. Three tracks and they came out nice. Slick artwork by Lauzbot too but I feel like a shitheel for not crediting her on the sleeve. What an asshole.

We also have some backpatches available if you want one. They’ll be about $10 ppd local, $15 for international customers. Once again, contact me through the blog and look sharp.

merch patch

The French version of Cut Sleeves is being pressed as I write this and will hopefully be available for Chrissy. It’s pretty much the same as the domestic release but does have a few minor artwork and label changes that completists need to get on top of. I’ll let you know how much it will be when it arrives. It has been produced by a new label called Dangerhouse Skylab in conjunction with Casbah Records.

Apart from that, life goes on. We have a new government here in Australia, which sucks. George Bush stand-in, Tony Abbott has been elected Prime Minister and he has all the media support he needs via Rupert Murdoch. It truly is a dark time. A propaganda campaign worthy of the Nazis. I’m hoping that most of the pricks that voted for this guy because they wanted change will realise that not all change is good. Sometimes it’s better just to tweak an existing model. Anyway, we’re stuck with this paranoid jerk for a while and will surely be embarrassed on the International stage because of it.

We have played a few rocking local gigs and have a few more to look forward to. We did a couple of mini tours to Hobart and Sydney which were a blast. Good people, great times, but I’m too lazy to write about them here.

The Prez.

Keep on keeping on

Sunday May 12, 2013

Got some new rekkids in the pipeline which we’re really excited about.

The first is a “Singles going home alone” singles club release on Matador Records. That’s right. We’re gonna be rubbing shoulders with, or sharing a bargain bin with some of the World’s indie heavyweights. Kurt Vile, Catpower, Pavement, Bits of Shit. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. (Don’t think too hard) Anyway, bullshit aside, this record is due for release later this month. We’ve recorded three songs for it, and if you’re not a member of the club, I don’t know how you’ll be able to get it. We’ll have a few to sell so your best bet is to catch us at a gig. The cover was drawn by the amazing Lauzbot. Get onto her Tumblr page. It’s good shit.

The other single is two songs we recorded for Total Punk, a really good DIY label out of Florida. This should be due for release real soon. The test pressing is on the way and I can’t wait to hear how it sounds. You’ll be able to order it through Repressed¬†locally, I think, or go to Florida’s Dying to get all of their stuff. I highly recommend this label, and Florida’s Dying, for all your Punk Rock vinyl essentials.

We are also involved in the Anti-Fade Records¬†release “New Centre of The Universe – Volume 2”. We’ve got a live version of “F” on it. There are some launch nights planned for this in August in Geelong and in Melbourne. Excellent label, excellent people.

We’ve been pretty sluggish lately due to outside influences, but are keen to get onto the gigging circuit again soon. Hopefully we’ll get to New South Wales in the near future (July) and we’re planning on heading to Tassie later that month with our buddies, Batpiss. Check out the Upcoming gigs page for more details. Also, the Links page has been updated and worth a look. There’s some good stuff on it now and I’ll try and update it as often as I can be arsed.

Stay Gold,


Ad nauseum


Hey shitheads, we’re back in Oz from our funfilled trip to the United States of America. It was a good time. Good people. Good shows. Good food – well, most of it. I’ll give you some more details when I can find the time and get motivated enough to write it all down. I’m hoping to write up a tour diary so I can give y’all a blow-by-blow description of our week down south. In the meantime, check up on us on The Facebook.

Here are some snaps taken by a guy called Icki. It was at our first gig in San Francisco. Fresh off the plane from a 20 hour flight we went guitar shopping then played this gig. It was the first time I had ever really played this guitar – as with Eli – but the gig was awesome.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, TAKE OFF!

It’s launch time and it’s gonna be great. We’ve got some solid line-ups and we’re really looking forward to playing these shows. If you’re in town, make sure you come on down. Not just to see us, but also for the supports. It is also your only chance to snaffle one of those sweet blue vinyl copies of the new record.

Also, for a taster, tune in to 3PBS.FM on Wednesday night – around 8pm. We’re gonna be playing live on Big Kevin Lobotomy’s iconic radio program “Shock Treatment”. It’s an honour and a privilege to be doing this and we are psyched!

Stay brown