Bits of Shit Music Club


We had a crack at a recording on the weekend but it turned into a comedy of errors – a very BLACK comedy. Pete discovered he was missing his microphones so I drove to his place in Footscray to pick them up. This meant driving through Saturday afternoon, chickenhead, knuckledragging, backpackingarsehole Queen Victoria Market traffic. A mere 15-20 kilometres round trip ended up taking close to two fucking hours! As if this wasn’t bad enough, when we finally started recording, with the hour and a half we had left, the bitching bass amp decided to give us all the silent treatment. FARK!

So, it wasn’t the most successful session and tempers were frayed. However, we are the mighty Bits of Shit and we will arise from this headfuck a stronger and meatier unit. Unfortunately it means I haven’t got any new tunes to share but we should have some for you soon. If there’s one thing I learnt, it’s that pressure cookers sometimes explode – great art takes time.

Andrew from 3-toed sloth sent me down some photos from the righteous Clovelly Bowls Club gig with the staunch feedtime. This was truly a highlight of my amateur musical career to be able to share the stage with these childhood idols of mine. There were three main influences on my musical aspirations as a youngster and they were all bass players: Ian Rilen from X, Steve McDonald from Redd Kross and Al from feedtime. The industrial grunt that Al achieved on such a simple instrument is a thing of beauty. He makes the bass sing. It leads the show with a heart the size of Pharlap. Golly gosh I love the way he plays bass, and we were there. Sucked in!

Here are some photos from the night – none of us. Left to right: 3-toed sloth, feedtime, Meat Thump.

While I was updating the blog I noticed this clip on youtube. It made me proud. Kinda like the President of The Orphans in The Warriors when he shows them the news clipping recounting some of the ‘heavy shit’ they’ve been doing. Pathetic pride.


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