Bits of Shit Music Club

Retreat…while you can

What a fuckin’ ball we had playing in the heart of Brunswick County last Friday night. I was a bit nervous beforehand. You get some unsavoury types at The Retreat. By unsavoury I mean suburban boneheads that come to the big smoke for a night on the turps, get freaked out by the inner-city types and then start lashing out in anxiety driven anguish. I also invited a group of my workmates, who all turned up, so I was a bit apprehensive about leaving myself so exposed to them. Worlds were colliding.

Thankfully everyone was relaxed, well lubricated, and simply wanted to have a good time. And we did. Once the pallbearer put on his protective clothing we were away. Jammin’. Jazzin’. Experimenting our fuckin’ heads off.

Cheers to Ralph, Duncan and Eliza from the River of Snakes for organising this one – I never would have imagined playing at The Retreat but it worked out fine. Here’s a few snaps.


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