Bits of Shit Music Club

House RULES!

Bits of Shit began their residuncy at The Tote on the weekend which got off to a cracking start. The Murdered Birds set the tone for the day with their stylish, backward ways. Top harmonies. Finger pickin’ goodness. Whole lotta love.

The mood was set…ready to be destroyed. I hope we achieved this. Check it out for yourself on the sample of clips submitted to Youtube by an unnamed source. Thank you Source.

There are a few more videos from that show on Youtube. You can get most of them by following us at our “Bits of Shit Youtube Channel”.

All and all a top start to our stay at our new digs. Come on down. It’s gonna be a fun month.

PS: A big Thank you to the crew at The Marquis of Lorne, Per, Stanners and of cource the always brilliant Terry McCarthy Special for the dinner show on Sunday. We had a ball and the waft of shit emanating from the cellar made it an extra special evening.


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