Bits of Shit Music Club

Good Times

Well, the house arrest of the glorious Tote has come to an end and I must say, it was a fuckin’ good time. The staff treated us really well…kept the beer flowing, and the crowds just got bigger and rowdier and crazier and uglier and friendlier. It’s hard to pick a highlight as all the shows were completely different.

Total Control brought in a huge crowd. You couldn’t get to the the toilets for love nor money and thankfully, most of the crowd stayed. They pretty much left the keyboards alone for their set and blew evryone away with their complex paradiddling style of spastic rock.

Manny Fox Hangman’s Club brought in a more sophisticated crowd but they were just as lively once the music kicked off. A highlight of that night was when Danny took to crawling along the bar. I have a feeling that was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.Their version of “Just a Gigolo” brought memories of Mum’s brief fling with solo period David Lee Roth flooding back. Soopoib.

Pneumatic Slaughter commanded a small, intense group of ragamuffins with their brand of crust. I was personally very impressed by singer Pete’s heckling during our set. I love a bit of two and fro between the band and the audience…it helps break down the barriers and allows everyone to relax and get stupid.

King Leghorn are pretty much cut from the same cloth as us…and the same generation. Their hysterical energy was infectious and ploughed the way for a really fun, relaxing gig. Real nice.

And it all kicked off with the glorious Murdered Birds. Hillbilly, bluegrass wopface of the highest calibre that paved the way for a month of beer-soaked Satdee arvos at one of my all time favourite pubs.

July was a great month for us, and August is shaping up to be a good one too. Get on it.


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