Bits of Shit Music Club

Goin’ Orf!

Yep, it’s true. Bits of Shit are gonna play the hardcore ball of the season. Teaming up with the mighty EXTORTION we get to play host to the hardcore supergroup OFF!. It’s hard to believe we’re gonna be sharing the stage with a couple of my childhood heroes – Black Flag/Circle Jerks screamer Keith Morris and Redd Kross bass guitar genius Steve McDonald! And it’s gonna be an all ages show held at the place where the Bits of Shit finally decided to kill off Galeforce and grow some balls! Get fuckin’ on it!

My favourite part is that the Bits of Shit name finally appears on an official Raymond Pettibon penned poster! If only my seventeen year old self could see me now. All grown up…on the outside.

Anyway, here’s a random selection of photos.

  • BOS – Boss of Scandinavia. The only place to eat true viking food in Newtown, Sydney
  • BOS MAN – check the dribbling fools buckle. Sydney was full of BOSMEN. This guy was from the Street art expo at Cockatoo Island
  • CANDYMAN – tape art in the toilets at The Gaso – The President in a previous guise
  • BIN MAN – The pallbearer after a toughie – Gaso
  • BITSA1 – Satan drives a Mazda


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