Bits of Shit Music Club

Back in the saddle!

After a brief hiatus I reckon it’s time to get back where no one wants us – on the stage of a dingy pub. I’m looking forward to getting back into it and the band has been working on some new material which we can hopefully showcase soon.See the “Upcoming Gigs” for a more detailed listing.

I’ve been in India for the past month, hence the Hindu inspired poster, and have come back with a hatred of all things religious – except the imagery. The hypocricy of organised religion is probably no more apparent than in third world countries and other places where there is a large division between rich and poor. It seems people are able to switch on and off when their fundamental beliefs apply. So called “Holy Men” forcing their views onto tourists, claiming good karma when it is obvious they are only serving themselves. Scammers wearing the signs of spiritual faith that see no problem in the fact that they are openly ripping off innocent people for their own personal gain. Broken, homeless people lining the streets being stepped over by the elite in their designer duds and European cars.

Religion should not only be ignored, but I believe it should be actively opposed for all the injustice, war and damage it has done in this world. All for the sake of fairy tales. My god is bigger than yours. I say “FUCK RELIGION!” and that’s about as political as I get. Prez


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