Bits of Shit Music Club

All Good in the Wood

Bits of Shit headlined their first festival a couple of weekends ago and it was a blast! The event was organised by the lovely folk at Broken Glass Records – a new record store that only stocks local releases. It’s located on Johnson Street just down from the Tote and Anchor BMX.

The festival was called ALL GOOD IN THE WOOD referring to CollingWOOD which is where it was happening. It was kind of like an urban guerilla type of thing. The first band started in the backyard of Anchor BMX, then we moved to Broken Glass, then to someone’s backyard and so on. Two bands usually played at each spot so we were able to clear out before the cops cleared US out. By the time we got to the second last house where the fabulous Spinning Rooms charged the crowd the vibe was very high indeed. It felt like the house was gonna burn down. Electric!

Anyway, we all mosied down to the last house. A share house of immense proportions and history. Hotel Wrecking City Traders had their set cut short due to the lateness of the event which was running slightly behind schedule and had to finish by 9pm. This meant Bits of Shit only had about 15 minutes to play. That was plenty of time. Check out the video below to see what it was like. Click the link – I’ve forgotten how to add Youtube videos.

All Good in the Wood

This is coming up too. Get on down.


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