Bits of Shit Music Club

a LONG player will arrive…eventually.

Alright motherfuckers. We have been working, and working, on getting this goddamned record finished, and we’re nearly there. I’m catching up with label head honcho, Richie Ramone, and layabout guru, Onya Rigid Stabber, tomorrow! YEAH!

The artwork is done. The recording is done. The mastering is done. It’s time to put it all together and ship it off to Pirates Press so we can get on with our lives.

The cover artwork has been drawn by the incredibly talented and stylish Rona Green. The back cover has been shot by Bits of Shit legacy member Cimony Vanderpol. All other artwork has been done by the BOSMC new original 4. So, even if you think it sounds like shit, you cannot say that it looks shit!

I’m excited about this record. it’s coming out in glorious 12″ vinyl with the first 100 on limited edition denim blue. It features 13 songs, a lyric sheet/insert and download code! Hopefully you’ll see it early to mid June.

Anyway, due to all this anxiety, we are taking a breather. We’re playing a couple of shows in May and then resting up until July. If you’re in town, come and check it out. The line-ups are solid and the gigs are just getting more and more fun. Checkout the Upcoming Gigs page for more details.

Adios for now,

The Prez


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