Bits of Shit Music Club

It’s landed

Well, the moment that we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Bits of Shit’s debut, full length LP has arrived – and we’re pretty happy with it. Looks good, feels good, is good. I don’t wanna go on about it too much but I’m glad that it is in my hands at last…and doesn’t totally suck.

We’re playing a couple of launch nights in August. Check the “Upcoming Gigs” page for details. Blue vinyl will only be made available at these nights (except for a few that snuck on down to Memphis via The Easter Bilby) so I apologise to out-of-towners and people that are unable to attend either of these nights. I know – elitist pricks – I get it. Anyway, there are only 500 of these things so get in fast. They also come with a download, lyric sheet and that sweet Rona Green artwork on the front. Track ’em down through “Homeless Records” on Fakebook or Goner Records.

The other good news is that The Shitters are going to the USA. The original impetus for this was hopping on the Gonerfest bill – a festival run out of Memphis, Tennessee based around the Goner Record store. Lotsa good toons and quality company. Anyway, we decided to make a micro tour out of the whole thing. We’re gonna start in San Fran, head South through Austi and New Orleans, play Memphis, head to DC and finish up in Noo Yawk Citay. I’ll give y’all more details later, but it’s gonna bostastic.

Another event we’re looking forward to is playing live to air on 3PBS-FM. It’s gonna happen on Wednesday the 1st of August around 8 o’clock in the PM. If you’re not a local you can probably listen to the podcast via the interweb. I’ll set up a link once it happens.

Anyway, I’d better go. Sorry it’s been so long between drinks. I’ll have more for you soon.

Stay Brown,



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