Bits of Shit Music Club



“Dirty Bomb” ep 

7″ vinyl

Tracks: Dirty Bomb, Prime, Tim Hemensley, Gail Force

Label: Lexicon Devil – LEXDEV029 BoS front cover scan 2011

“Burn that Cat” – June 2011 Compilation giveaway CD promoting “Burn that Cat” showcase evenings

Track: Red Blade

“Wings over Gabba – The best in songs of Negativity”

Compilation 12″ lp

Track: Patrol

Label: Negative Guest List – NGL008


“Cut Sleeves” – September/August 2012

12″ vinyl LP

Tracks: A – F, Rock Sing, Ownership, The Wedding Song, Out of Toon (prev. Broken Arrows), Patrol, Red Blade

B – Traps, Reign (prev. Rage), Tally’s World, Flunkies, Intro, Orphan-Age


BOSMC_Cut Sleeves thumbnail

Below is a review of “Cut Sleeves” by Tim Scott as it appeared in the online magazine “The Thousands” – 3000 for Melbourne

Depending on their musical persuasion anyone who has witnessed the Bits of Shit Music Club perform in full flight will testify to how a) rocking or b) disturbing they are. Decked out in denim patch jackets, the Melbourne four-piece belts out a riff-heavy punk rock that brings to mind mid-era Black Flag, classic Aussie rock and restraining orders. Danny Vanderpol is a true frontman. Charismatic verging on psychotic, he channels the energy of Iggy and Hank Rollins – spewing what seams a stream of conscious diatribe against all that is ‘square’. The round peg sings/howls wide eyed into his hands, crawls across stage and basically has a breakdown in front of the audience. The polite term is ‘animated’. The band’s debut album does a great job at capturing this manic live energy. From ‘Orphan Age’ and ‘Patrol’ – two flat-out burners – to the slower ‘Flunkies’ the BOS offer some musical dexterity. The instrumental ‘Reign’ shows off Andy Lang’s guitar chops – that pay more than a little debt to Greg Ginn (SST records/Black Flag) – while ‘Wedding Song’ starts with an AC/DC-like riff then turns bonkers. They have an upcoming tour to the US that will include an appearance at Memphis’s Goner Fest, and after listening to this wild musical excursion I only pray that they return in their denim jackets and not body bags.

“Stitched” – US tour CD EP

Tracks: Intro, Fascist Denial, Out of Toon, Total Recoil, The Wedding Song, Rock Sing, Dirty Bomb, Prime, Tim Hemmensley (sic), Gail Force Tracks 1-6 recorded live at 3PBSFM in Melbourne, 01.08.2012 Tracks 7-10 from the original Lexicon Devil 7″, lexdev029

Released on Bits of Shit’s newly formed label, Clubhouse Music – Clubby001

Front b&w

“Cut Sleeves” – SECOND PRESSING – September 2012 – Homeless1

“Cut Sleeves” – THIRD PRESSING – December 2012 – Homeless1


“New Centre of the Universe Vol 2” Compilation cassette and CD release

Track: F, recorded live at Penny Black

Label: Anti-Fade

Matador ‘Singles Going Home’ Club 7″

Tracks: Rider, Lazy Cowgirls, Total Recoil

Label: Matador Records, USA – OLE-1018-7

BOSMC 7inch

Meat Thump 7″

Tracks: Meat Thump, WW Me

Label: Total Punk Records, USA – TPR13

TOTAL PUNK Black block light

“Cut Sleeves” – French Pressing

Label: Dangerhouse Skylab/Casbah Records – CR006/DSL002

500 pressed

Casbah brick


SHITFEST Compilation Tape to coincided with BOSMC last gig – 26.01.2014

Track: Fascist Denial

Label: Clubhouse Music – Clubby002

Limited to 100 copies


To be released

Batpiss/Bits of Shit split 7″

Label: Batshit Records, USA

Batpiss: Daredevil

Bits of Shit: Make Room, Make Room Both

Bands are writing songs for each other for this recording. Artwork is to be done by opposing bands as well.


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