Bits of Shit Music Club


Some new records have landed and we’ve been having a good time flogging them off. The Total punk seven sounds sick. Came out real well. Short blasts that I hope y’all will appreciate. You should be able to get it through Floridas Dying – there’s a link on our links page. We can’t sell you any as we have pretty much sold them all at gigs.

The Matador seven is with us now too and if you want a copy of that you can contact me through the blog. Three tracks and they came out nice. Slick artwork by Lauzbot too but I feel like a shitheel for not crediting her on the sleeve. What an asshole.

We also have some backpatches available if you want one. They’ll be about $10 ppd local, $15 for international customers. Once again, contact me through the blog and look sharp.

merch patch

The French version of Cut Sleeves is being pressed as I write this and will hopefully be available for Chrissy. It’s pretty much the same as the domestic release but does have a few minor artwork and label changes that completists need to get on top of. I’ll let you know how much it will be when it arrives. It has been produced by a new label called Dangerhouse Skylab in conjunction with Casbah Records.

Apart from that, life goes on. We have a new government here in Australia, which sucks. George Bush stand-in, Tony Abbott has been elected Prime Minister and he has all the media support he needs via Rupert Murdoch. It truly is a dark time. A propaganda campaign worthy of the Nazis. I’m hoping that most of the pricks that voted for this guy because they wanted change will realise that not all change is good. Sometimes it’s better just to tweak an existing model. Anyway, we’re stuck with this paranoid jerk for a while and will surely be embarrassed on the International stage because of it.

We have played a few rocking local gigs and have a few more to look forward to. We did a couple of mini tours to Hobart and Sydney which were a blast. Good people, great times, but I’m too lazy to write about them here.

The Prez.


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