Bits of Shit Music Club


Casbah brickThe French pressings of Cut Sleeves have arrived! This means that all you Eurotrash members of the BOSMC can pick up our longplayer for a reasonable price, and that’s gotta be good for everyone, oui! The record has been put out by Casbah Records in conjunction with Dangerhouse Skylab. It looks and sounds magnifique!

There are a few minor changes to the artwork but the recordings are the same as on the Homeless release. We changed the stickers in the middle of the record. The lyrics are now printed on the vinyl pocket instead of a separate sheet and, of course, the band name and album title are written in French down the spine as well as in Australian. It also comes with a download, but not one of those pesky cards. Casbah has opted for a sticker on the shrinkwrap with the code on it which we like.

If you Aussies want one we have a limited number we will be selling at gigs. If you contact us we could probably organise postage as well…for our rural members. Prices will be the same as the local release.

Viva la difference!

Viva la punk rock!

Viva la Morceaux de Merde!


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