Bits of Shit Music Club


The time has for the BOSMC to take a breather. We are going on hiatus for an indeterminate length of time due to personal reasons but are gonna make sure we go out with a bang. SHITFEST is what we have organised as a way of saying “seeyah later, thanks for the drinks and good times.” We’ve organised some of our favourite bands to play a special gig on Australia Day at our home away from home, The Tote.

Playing on the day will be The Gooch Palms, Cut Sick!, Batpiss, Hierophants, Gentlemen, A.D. Skinner and The Pink Tiles. We’ll also be joined by DJ Homeless (Richie Ramone) and DJ Lex Dev (Dave Lang) who will be spinning obnoxious tunes from their bottomless pits of record collections. There will be free food, crate diggers stalls and plenty of merch to buy. I am also putting together a special compilation cassette for sale on the day featuring exclusive tracks from all the bands that appear on the bill. It’s gonna be a cracker!

So, if you don’t manage to make it down to the Tote on this special day, I’ll take this opportunity to say “Cheers!”. It’s been a fun time. We’ve met heaps of awesome people, played with some amazing bands and achieved a great deal more than I ever thought we would when we decided to call the band Bits of Shit all those years ago. Thanks to everyone that has helped us out over the years – I’m not going to name names for fear of leaving someone out – and stay true to yourselves.

This is not necessarily a good-bye but a see you later. Much later.

The Prez


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