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It’s landed

Well, the moment that we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Bits of Shit’s debut, full length LP has arrived – and we’re pretty happy with it. Looks good, feels good, is good. I don’t wanna go on about it too much but I’m glad that it is in my hands at last…and doesn’t totally suck.

We’re playing a couple of launch nights in August. Check the “Upcoming Gigs” page for details. Blue vinyl will only be made available at these nights (except for a few that snuck on down to Memphis via The Easter Bilby) so I apologise to out-of-towners and people that are unable to attend either of these nights. I know – elitist pricks – I get it. Anyway, there are only 500 of these things so get in fast. They also come with a download, lyric sheet and that sweet Rona Green artwork on the front. Track ’em down through “Homeless Records” on Fakebook or Goner Records.

The other good news is that The Shitters are going to the USA. The original impetus for this was hopping on the Gonerfest bill – a festival run out of Memphis, Tennessee based around the Goner Record store. Lotsa good toons and quality company. Anyway, we decided to make a micro tour out of the whole thing. We’re gonna start in San Fran, head South through Austi and New Orleans, play Memphis, head to DC and finish up in Noo Yawk Citay. I’ll give y’all more details later, but it’s gonna bostastic.

Another event we’re looking forward to is playing live to air on 3PBS-FM. It’s gonna happen on Wednesday the 1st of August around 8 o’clock in the PM. If you’re not a local you can probably listen to the podcast via the interweb. I’ll set up a link once it happens.

Anyway, I’d better go. Sorry it’s been so long between drinks. I’ll have more for you soon.

Stay Brown,



a LONG player will arrive…eventually.

Alright motherfuckers. We have been working, and working, on getting this goddamned record finished, and we’re nearly there. I’m catching up with label head honcho, Richie Ramone, and layabout guru, Onya Rigid Stabber, tomorrow! YEAH!

The artwork is done. The recording is done. The mastering is done. It’s time to put it all together and ship it off to Pirates Press so we can get on with our lives.

The cover artwork has been drawn by the incredibly talented and stylish Rona Green. The back cover has been shot by Bits of Shit legacy member Cimony Vanderpol. All other artwork has been done by the BOSMC new original 4. So, even if you think it sounds like shit, you cannot say that it looks shit!

I’m excited about this record. it’s coming out in glorious 12″ vinyl with the first 100 on limited edition denim blue. It features 13 songs, a lyric sheet/insert and download code! Hopefully you’ll see it early to mid June.

Anyway, due to all this anxiety, we are taking a breather. We’re playing a couple of shows in May and then resting up until July. If you’re in town, come and check it out. The line-ups are solid and the gigs are just getting more and more fun. Checkout the Upcoming Gigs page for more details.

Adios for now,

The Prez

All Good in the Wood

Bits of Shit headlined their first festival a couple of weekends ago and it was a blast! The event was organised by the lovely folk at Broken Glass Records – a new record store that only stocks local releases. It’s located on Johnson Street just down from the Tote and Anchor BMX.

The festival was called ALL GOOD IN THE WOOD referring to CollingWOOD which is where it was happening. It was kind of like an urban guerilla type of thing. The first band started in the backyard of Anchor BMX, then we moved to Broken Glass, then to someone’s backyard and so on. Two bands usually played at each spot so we were able to clear out before the cops cleared US out. By the time we got to the second last house where the fabulous Spinning Rooms charged the crowd the vibe was very high indeed. It felt like the house was gonna burn down. Electric!

Anyway, we all mosied down to the last house. A share house of immense proportions and history. Hotel Wrecking City Traders had their set cut short due to the lateness of the event which was running slightly behind schedule and had to finish by 9pm. This meant Bits of Shit only had about 15 minutes to play. That was plenty of time. Check out the video below to see what it was like. Click the link – I’ve forgotten how to add Youtube videos.

All Good in the Wood

This is coming up too. Get on down.

Back in the saddle!

After a brief hiatus I reckon it’s time to get back where no one wants us – on the stage of a dingy pub. I’m looking forward to getting back into it and the band has been working on some new material which we can hopefully showcase soon.See the “Upcoming Gigs” for a more detailed listing.

I’ve been in India for the past month, hence the Hindu inspired poster, and have come back with a hatred of all things religious – except the imagery. The hypocricy of organised religion is probably no more apparent than in third world countries and other places where there is a large division between rich and poor. It seems people are able to switch on and off when their fundamental beliefs apply. So called “Holy Men” forcing their views onto tourists, claiming good karma when it is obvious they are only serving themselves. Scammers wearing the signs of spiritual faith that see no problem in the fact that they are openly ripping off innocent people for their own personal gain. Broken, homeless people lining the streets being stepped over by the elite in their designer duds and European cars.

Religion should not only be ignored, but I believe it should be actively opposed for all the injustice, war and damage it has done in this world. All for the sake of fairy tales. My god is bigger than yours. I say “FUCK RELIGION!” and that’s about as political as I get. Prez

Goin’ Orf!

Yep, it’s true. Bits of Shit are gonna play the hardcore ball of the season. Teaming up with the mighty EXTORTION we get to play host to the hardcore supergroup OFF!. It’s hard to believe we’re gonna be sharing the stage with a couple of my childhood heroes – Black Flag/Circle Jerks screamer Keith Morris and Redd Kross bass guitar genius Steve McDonald! And it’s gonna be an all ages show held at the place where the Bits of Shit finally decided to kill off Galeforce and grow some balls! Get fuckin’ on it!

My favourite part is that the Bits of Shit name finally appears on an official Raymond Pettibon penned poster! If only my seventeen year old self could see me now. All grown up…on the outside.

Anyway, here’s a random selection of photos.

  • BOS – Boss of Scandinavia. The only place to eat true viking food in Newtown, Sydney
  • BOS MAN – check the dribbling fools buckle. Sydney was full of BOSMEN. This guy was from the Street art expo at Cockatoo Island
  • CANDYMAN – tape art in the toilets at The Gaso – The President in a previous guise
  • BIN MAN – The pallbearer after a toughie – Gaso
  • BITSA1 – Satan drives a Mazda

Keeping On

Well, we had a ball in Sydney but I’m not gonna write anything about it here because I’m not feeling too crash hot at the moment. All I can say is, is that the folk in that part of the world looked after us, all the bands were great, and Bits of Shit gave it their best shot. Cheers Timbo for organising this chaos.

This gig is coming up on Thursday as part of the Tote’s 30th birthday bash. I’m looking forward to playing with what was one of my favourite bands growing up.

Good Times

Well, the house arrest of the glorious Tote has come to an end and I must say, it was a fuckin’ good time. The staff treated us really well…kept the beer flowing, and the crowds just got bigger and rowdier and crazier and uglier and friendlier. It’s hard to pick a highlight as all the shows were completely different.

Total Control brought in a huge crowd. You couldn’t get to the the toilets for love nor money and thankfully, most of the crowd stayed. They pretty much left the keyboards alone for their set and blew evryone away with their complex paradiddling style of spastic rock.

Manny Fox Hangman’s Club brought in a more sophisticated crowd but they were just as lively once the music kicked off. A highlight of that night was when Danny took to crawling along the bar. I have a feeling that was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.Their version of “Just a Gigolo” brought memories of Mum’s brief fling with solo period David Lee Roth flooding back. Soopoib.

Pneumatic Slaughter commanded a small, intense group of ragamuffins with their brand of crust. I was personally very impressed by singer Pete’s heckling during our set. I love a bit of two and fro between the band and the audience…it helps break down the barriers and allows everyone to relax and get stupid.

King Leghorn are pretty much cut from the same cloth as us…and the same generation. Their hysterical energy was infectious and ploughed the way for a really fun, relaxing gig. Real nice.

And it all kicked off with the glorious Murdered Birds. Hillbilly, bluegrass wopface of the highest calibre that paved the way for a month of beer-soaked Satdee arvos at one of my all time favourite pubs.

July was a great month for us, and August is shaping up to be a good one too. Get on it.